It looks like the Cariboo will be getting a basketful of different weather conditions this Easter long weekend.

Lisa Erven, Meteorologist for Environment Canada said tomorrow we can expect showers in the morning continuing into the afternoon and ending late in the day.

For Saturday and Sunday Erven has this outlook.

“Saturday you can expect to see the most cloud cover and some scattered showers in and around the area. By the time we get into Sunday morning, Saturday’s weather system is going to moving out of the Province. We might start the day with a little bit of cloud cover, perhaps the odd lingering shower, there is sunshine in the forecast and temperatures in the low to mid double digits.”

Looking at Monday, Erven said we could see some cloud cover and very little if any precipitation.

Erven added these weather conditions are typical for the Cariboo this time of year.

“You could get all kinds of weather in one day like flurries, rain showers, some clouds and sun, some wind, so keep your umbrella handy.”