Maureen LeBourdais, the Cariboo Regional District Director for Area F, says they will be getting their outdoor post office boxes back…

“I’ve learned today (April 1) through some community contacts that they will be getting their outdoor post offices back.   They used to have outdoor post offices, they’ve only recently been moved inside the store.   So those of course are gone in the fire they had a few weeks ago.   So they’re bringing the boxes back, they’ll be on the same location in the now empty lot where the store was.”

LeBourdais says they will still have to go into Williams Lake for some services.

“They’ll still have to go into Williams Lake for now to pick up parcels and to buy postal services like stamps and so on, but they will be able to get their mail delivered into the community, they’re all pretty happy about that.”

LeBourdais says they expect the mail delivery to resume by mid next week.

She says it means a lot to the community.

“In part it’s convenient, particularly in these times of COVID where much of your business is being conducted on-line, but you still rely on paper copy, on hard mail, often to get some of that information and keeping in touch with family and friends as well, not everyone has high speed, ya it means a lot.”

Fire destroyed the Big Lake store, including the post office, last month and residents have had to go into Williams Lake to mail letters and pick up their mail since then .