The City of Williams Lake will continue to monitor a minor landslide in the Frizzi Road area.

City Director of Development Services Hasib Nadvi says around 1500 square metres of land was affected in a landslide that was first noticed in Frizzi Road and North Mackenzie Avenue area on Monday. Nadvi says a stormwater pipe was damaged by the slide and will need to be fixed. He says a nearby sanitation line has not been damaged but is at risk of being damaged.

Nadvi says the city will continue to monitor the slide and has a contingency plan if the slide starts to put too much tension on the line. “We’re working with emergency management BC and the province to have that contingency plan in place for the sanitary sewer”, Nadvi says, “If there are signs of further tension in the ground that is threatening the sanitary sewer infrastructure, we could pump it from one of our manholes by Frizzi to downstream, not towards Green Acres, so that we can avoid our sanitary sewer going through that bank and to our lagoons.”

Nadvi says there was no change in the slide overnight on Tuesday, and the city will continue to monitor the slide daily.