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911 Nonsense: The Top Ten Reasons to not call 911 in 2015

“My roommate used my toothbrush”

Probably not something you would be dialing 911 over.

Nevertheless, E-Comm, BC’s 911 call centre operator has released the “Top reasons to not call 911 in 2015”

“It’s a mystery to us, why people might use 911 as an information line.” E-comm spokesperson Jody Robertson said

“Calls like the ones on this years top ten list waste valuable emergency resources and tie up 911 call takers time.” Robertson added “Our call takers have to treat every call that comes in as an emergency no matter how illogical it may seem on the surface.”

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Robertson says almost 3,400 calls flow through their call centre daily, most of them legitimate. “But if I walked out to the communications centre at pretty much any time of the day I would be able to find someone who handled a nuisance call that day. They happen every day and multiple times throughout the day.”

E-Comm is pointing the public to their website, which can direct people to several non-emergency services.

2015 top reasons to not call 9-1-1:
1. Requesting the number for a local tire dealership
2. Reporting an issue with a vending machine
3. Asking for the non-emergency line
4. Because a car is parked too close to theirs
5. “My son won’t put his seatbelt on”
6. Coffee shop is refusing to refill coffee
7. Asking if it’s okay to park on the street
8. “My roommate used my toothbrush”
9. Asking for help getting a basketball out of a tree
10. Reporting that their building’s air system is too loud and they can’t sleep

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