The official start of the 2021 camping season is a few months away, but people living in BC can soon begin reserving campsites in provincial parks.

The Discover Camping reservation service opens March 8th giving people the opportunity to book a campsite two months in advance of their arrival date.

Changes are being made to ensure everyone has a safe visit, such as how many people can be in a campsite and restrictions on group sites.

George Heyman is with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy.

“Our message to British Columbians is simple we’ve done everything we can to give you priority to BC Parks. Pay attention to the Provincial Health Officer’s directions, we’re mirroring them on BC Park’s websites, for now, people are being asked to stay close to home so visit the parks that are close to you and stay with your immediate household.”

Prior to the general opening on March 8th, backcountry camping reservations will be open this Monday (March 1st) for the Berg Lake Trail in Mount Robson Provincial Park and the Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit.

“Those are experiences that people generally have to plan some time in advance,” Heyman said, “They’re very very popular, they’re always sold out so we’re opening it up March first. People can book time there right from June first to September 30th, so if that’s where people want to go we know people have to plan and we’re giving them the opportunity to do that early.”

Everything there is to know about reservations and facilities, including up-to-date information on the status of favorite provincial parks is available at