Two people accused of stealing an elderly woman’s purse during the holiday season back in December were due to appear in provincial court on Tuesday.(Feb 23)

41-year old Dwayne Micheal Kueber and 26-year old Drucilla Alvis Mae Jimmie are facing charges of theft under $5,000, Possession or use of a Stolen Credit Card, and Possession of Stolen Property under $5,000.

Kueber failed to appear and a warrant has been issued for his arrest, while Jimmie did appear and is due back in court on March 23.

Both were arrested in connection with an incident back on December 8th.

Quesnel RCMP say an elderly woman was having difficulty making a deposit at a local bank ATM when an unknown couple came to her aid and assisted her with the deposit.

Police say the senior then gave them 20 dollars after they told her that they hadn’t eaten in a while, and gave them a ride down the street which she also did because of the poor weather outside.

The couple are then accused of stealing her purse as they left her vehicle.

RCMP say they then went to an ATM and withdrew 400 dollars before she could cancel her bank cards.

Police believe that the couple watched the lady enter her PIN number when they appeared to assist her at the bank originally.

RCMP say they identified two suspects using video surveillance from businesses in the area.