Even though the team has suspended play this season, the fundraising efforts for it continue.

Beginning this Monday (February 22nd), the 100 Mile House Wranglers will kick off their secret art auction.

Director at large, Bruce Madu said “We’ve had 17 pieces of artwork donated to the club already and we’re just hoping that the community which has been so good gets behind this and it helps the Wranglers, it helps the artists and it helps the businesses in town as well where the art is displayed.”

Madu said in addition to the support from the artists, former MLA Donna Barnett donated a framed pride of lions print that use to hang in her office in 100 Mile House.

So how did this latest fundraiser come to be?

Madu, who is also a Board member of the 100 Mile Arts Council explains.

“Bobby Crane who is an artist, she lives up in Lac La Hache, we’re good friends as well, I spoke to her one day and put this idea through to her and she said let’s do it, and over the last few months we’ve been putting everything together.”

Bidders can visit the businesses where the art is displayed to drop off a piece of paper with their name, contact information, and bid price into the container located beside it starting Monday right up until April 3rd.