Quesnel’s Board of Education has adopted it’s 2020-21 amended budget.

Secretary-Treasurer Jennifer Woollends says there were no major changes, as just an additional 46 thousand dollars was added to it.

“The annual budget bylaw is $43,435,323.  That includes all funding, so capital funding, operating funding, other special funds we received.”.

Woollends says they received some much needed COVID-19 relief money.

“It was definitely needed to balance the budget.   Overall, between the provincial and the federal funding, including the new money that was announced in February our total funding that we will receive is $1,378,861.”

Looking ahead, she says they will now start working on the budget for next school year.

“The Preliminary budget for the next school year is due to the Ministry on June 30th of this year.   So we will start the process kind of in the beginning of March.   We’ll start to look at budgeting for next year and having meetings and presenting at our May Board meeting the preliminary budget for next year.”

Woollends says she doesn’t anticipate any major issues.