Quesnel honoured the survivors of residential schools as well as those who have passed on at a ceremony in Lebourdais Park this morning.

It was the start of Orange Shirt Day that continued on with a lunch at the Friendship Centre.

A wreath was laid at the memorial in Lebourdais Park and person after person then went up and attached a symbolic orange ribbon to the wreath.

Doreen Patrick is a member of the Nazko First Nation and is a true residential school survivor.

She says it was devestating to be taken away from your family at a young age and then not see your parents for 10 months out of the year.

Patrick says she quit drinking 27 years ago, recalling the exact day, because she knew that she had to get past this part of her life.

She says it wasn’t easy but she did for herself and for her grandchildren.

Patrick proudly states that none of her 30 grandchildren have ever seen her drunk.

She went on to say however that it has to come from you to be able to heal and you can’t just tell someone to get on with their life.