British Columbia is the only place holding elections that will affect residents in the province, as the United States presidential election is under three weeks away.

There are seven people running in the election, but it’s expected to come down to two people: current president Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Allen Tupper, a professor of political science at the University of British Columbia, said that no matter who wins between the two, it will have effects on B.C.

“With regards to Trump, he has been very different. He has taken a different stance on many things. He has had a very different view of the United States in the world, and he is one of the American Presidents who say they want to reduce America’s impact on the world; they want to go their own way and be less tied to International agreements.” he said. “It’s a radical difference.”

“Turning to Joe Biden, there you have a more conventional political leader. A professional political,” he said. “A much greater tendency to return to the centrality to international relations, and participation in United Nations, in NATO, things that Trump has been much less supportive of, and I think you will also see some changes about border politics.”

Tupper added that regardless of who wins the U.S. election, it will have effects on topics like energy and the environment, international trade, defence, China, and immigration.