Smoke may be visible in parts of the Cariboo as BC Wildfire Service plans to burn about 115 piles of woody debris in three separate locations within the Cariboo Fire Centre.

The burns will take place over the next several weeks at Prairie Creek, 5 kilometers south of the Prairie Creek recreation site on the south side of Horsefly Lake.

Place Lake, 50 kilometers east of Alkali lake off Place Lake Road and Gaspard, 25 kilometers west of Gang Ranch.

Erin Bull, Information Officer with the Cariboo Fire Centre said the burns are part of an ongoing wildfire risk reduction project around automated weather stations.

“The crews will be applying FireSmart principles and removing flammable materials from Zone 1 which is up to ten meters from each tower and then they’ll be thinning and pruning trees in Zone 2 which is between ten and thirty meters from each tower”.

The burns could begin as early as Thursday, October 15, but will depend on weather, site conditions, venting conditions, and snow cover.

Staff from the BC Wildfire Service will carefully prepare, control, and monitor these fires at all times.