Curlers from across the Cariboo are stepping back onto the ice as curling rinks are opening up.

The Quesnel Curling Club saw people on the ice earlier this week; the Williams Lake Curling Club will welcome curlers on the ice yesterday, will 100 Mile House opening up next week.

For this season, as curlers set to throw rocks for the first time, they will notice some changes both on and off the ice.

Ken Hall, the manager of the Williams Lake Curling Club, talks about some of the changes people might notice.

“Anytime you are in the club from the time you come in, you will need to have a mask on until you get your gear on and out on the ice,” he said. “The rules allow us to play on the ice without masks, they are not mandatory, we do have to stay physically distance all the time.”

He said the major change on the ice will be that not every member of the team will be able to participate at once.

“We are allowed four-person teams, and normally two would be sweeping. This year under COVID-19, we can only have one sweeper at a time,” Hall said. “That means you have a thrower, a sweeper, and somebody down at the other end. Every end there will be somebody that is not actively taking part in that particular shot.”

Hall added that there will be markers on the ice for people to stand to stay socially distanced.

The markers positioned on the ice (Photo by Tanner Wallace Scriber, My Cariboo Now, staff)