It’s not often you see an ambulance and a bulldozer stolen on the same night, but that’s what happened in the Quesnel area.

Sergeant Richard Weseen says it was all part of a rural crime spree early Tuesday morning.

He says they were responding to a report that some heavy equipment had been stolen at around 5 am on the 1300 Road, east of Quesnel…

“The investigation revealed the men had driven to a mine site on the 1300 Road in a Dodge truck that was stolen from Williams Lake.   When the truck became stuck, the men tried to pull the vehicle out with a bulldozer they stole from a logging camp.   When that failed, they lit the truck on fire.”

Weseen says they weren’t finished as the two men are then accused of stealing a worksite ambulance but were arrested before they could leave the area.

“A search of the vehicle resulted in the seizure of four long barrel firearms that had been previously stolen from the Williams Lake area.”

Later that morning, Weseen says a worker reported two other suspicious males on the 1300 Road.

He says those men were also from the Williams Lake area.

Weseen says property crime offenders and prolific offenders have no boundaries and often travel through several jurisdictions to commit crimes.

He says they received some help in making these arrests…

“A big shout out has to go to the workers in the area that reported suspicious activity, as it was timely and assisted in the investigation.”

Anyone who observes suspicious activity in the Quesnel area is urged to call the detachment at (250) 992-9211.