Northern Health is notifying the public of a second COVID-19 exposure at QJS.

This one, according to the website, was between September 15th and 18th.

Eryn Collins, the Regional Manager of Public Affairs and Media Relations with Northern Health, confirms that the notice went up on Friday (Sept 25) for a lab confirmed case…

“It did.   The timing with which it goes up on the site is meant to correspond with when we know that notifications have gone out within the school community, so that is not the first point of notification.   So we have provided a letter to the school to share with students and parents and staff.”

Collins says this is not an outbreak…

“Absolutely not.   As the information on our website describes why we’re posting the information and when we’re posting the information.   It’s not meant to cause any alarm.   It’s very much so that people who are learning of confirmed cases within their school community can be reassured that public health is also very much aware and actively following up on those cases.”

Collins says unless you are a close contact and have been contacted by public health, there is no action that parents need to take.

The first COVID-19 exposure at QJS happened on September 10th or 11th.