Taseko Mines Gibraltar operations in Williams Lake was honored today (Thursday).

President of Taseko Mines Vancouver, Stuart Mcdonald talks about it.

“We are very pleased to announce today that our Gibraltar Mine in Williams Lake was awarded the prestigious Jake Macdonald award which is an annual award for metal and mine reclamation. It’s a prestigious award that is presented by the British Columbia Technical and Research Committee on reclamation and it recognizes achievement in mine reclamation in BC”.

Mcdonald said they are proud to have won and share it with the Xat’sull First Nation.

“They’ve got a reclamation crew that actually does a lot of the work in terms of planting trees, ground cover, monitoring regrowth of the land and really encouraging that reclamation process. We also work closely with them in our salmon sampling program which has been operating now for a number of years in the Fraser River so we’re happy to have them as partners and happy that they can share in this award as well”.

Stuart added that it’s always nice to be recognized and that they have hard-working, talented people that are added every day and whenever you get these opportunities to have this recognition at a Provincial level it’s very special and it’s a great day for us.