The annual Horsefly River Salmon Festival put on by the Horsefly River Roundtable will be taking place this weekend.

Unlike in the past, there will be some changes due to COVID-19.

Co-ordinator Dina Stephenson explains what visitors to the festival should be aware of.

“We expect people to bring their mask, if they don’t have a mask we have masks available. Everything will be sanitized, everything is one direction. We have 3 informational vendors in the halls so we have somebody in the front that’s tracing it, only so many people are allowed in the hall and the rest is outside along the river spread out along the way. Outside, outdoors, fresh air”.

Stephenson added they’re not sure how many fish will be coming through this year and that there have been huge runs in the past that no one really expected.

“Last year we didn’t get many because we had at Big Bar we had a big rock slide going into the Fraser where the DFO is working really hard to get these fish across. This year there’s actually fish coming through which is really cool so we’ll probably see some fish, and we might be surprised, we might see more than we expect. It’s always a surprise every year”.

The Annual Horsefly River Salmon Festival takes place the third weekend in September to celebrate the return of sockeye salmon to their spawning grounds on the Horsefly River.

The COVID-19 protocol for the weekend can be found on the Horsefly River Roundtable facebook page.