The Xat’sull First Nation and the RCMP announced they would continue to work together by signing a Letter of Expectation.

The letter was signed by Chief Sheri Sellars, on behalf of Soda Creek Indian Band (SCIB), and Inspector Jeff Pelley, on behalf of the Williams Lake First Nations Policing.

The priorities include communication and cultural awareness, youth partnerships, crime reduction, drug enforcement education and awareness and the offender program.

The letter sets both expectations from the RCMP and the Xat’sull to make the communities safer with Indigenous policing services.

Sellars said that both sides work together for the betterment of both sides.

“It’s a process that helps us build a relationship with the RCMP, as well as assists us in various things that we need to look at in regards to in our community.”

“It helps us work collaboratively together in regards to everything that we’ve been going through in the last three to five years,” she continued. “With the gains in criminal activity, the high influx of opioids, all those different concepts are coming up, so is no better time to develop that relationship with them, and work together on how we can work together with our community and within the surrounding area.”

Sellars notes that this isn’t the first time the sides have work together and that she has seen progress between the relationship between both RCMP and First Nations.

“Progression is slow, but it’s coming along,” she said. “I’m excited for the new things that are coming forward as well because it also encompasses a lot of different initiatives that we would like to see coming into the community. We already know that Indigenous court is on its way, so this might just enhance our processes with RCMP.”

The letter’s signing also featured Corporal Eric Chrona, in charge of Indigenous Policing for Williams Lake, Constable Marty Richard, Elder Ralph Phillips.