After breaking for COVID requirements and the considerable amount of wet weather in the region, Engold Mines Limited has resumed their exploration at their Lac La Hache property.

Back in early June, they were able to uncover visible gold lying within quartz veins within the bedrock on the surface in brand new areas they hadn’t explored in the past.

Rob Shives, Vice President of Exploration for Engold Mines Limited.

“The ability for us to find visible gold showings in this project, even after many years of exploration, is a testament I think to the endowment that we believe is there and we are obviously hoping that we can someday develop a mine that will benefit the community both locally and at large”.

Shives said one of the things they’ll be doing is going through a resource estimation process where independent parties that are experts in resource evaluations will study the deposits that they have in two areas

“Spout is one of our deposits and we are re-evaluating that based on some drilling that was done late in 2018. We are hoping to expand and add to that another new discovery that was made relatively new in 2017 and of course this all part of looking at the whole system model that we have for our project. It’s a big property and it’s got some big potential that we think we can see”.

In the next few weeks, Shives said they’ll follow up on the new gold showings and continue their drilling on some other zones that they believe can have some deeper potential.