The 62nd Annual 4-H Project Sale will be held this Monday at the Williams Lake Stockyards.

District President of Williams Lake and District 4-H, Ross Stafford said the barns will open up to the public to view the animals that day from noon to 5:30 limiting the number to 50 people at a time due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Stafford said the sale will start at 6:30 and explained how that will work.

“We’ve had invites go out to our buyers for 50 people in the stands and then also anybody else that would like to bid can log into and register there, they have to pre-register before the sale so it has to be done right away if they haven’t already done and then when the sale starts all they have to do is log in and starting bidding on animals that way”.

Stafford added that bidders who can’t come in or go online will be able to call either Wilf Smith or himself and they will bid for them.

When asked how the members of the various 4-h clubs are handling not being able to be at the Stockyards for this event Stafford said: “They’re all being pretty understanding with what’s going on, it’s not ideal by any means but at least we can do this for the kids and they can still sell their projects so they’re doing the best that they can and we’re doing the best we can for them”.

The 4-h clubs taking part this year include Big Lake, Chimney Valley, Canim Valley, Highland, Horsefly, Lone Butte, Rose Lake, and Spring House.

Stafford said they started putting this year’s 62nd Annual Sale together a couple of months ago and everyone on the District with him has worked hard and they hope everything works out.