The grants come out of the “In Our Hearts Community Response Fund” from the Vancouver Foundation.

Quesnel Community Foundation President Mary Sjostrom says they received requests for more than 78 thousand dollars…

“We were very, very particular in the way that they had to be local.    We did have some that weren’t local or didn’t have a local organization and we really decided that we wanted to keep the money in the community, and there was also some really good requests but the committee didn’t feel that they were as COVID related and that was the one stipulation that they had to be related to COVID.”

Sjostorm says the local groups that did get money in some cases didn’t get as much as they asked for, and Sjostrom says that’s because the committee wanted to give money to as many groups as possible.

The groups that received grants were…

Quesnel Crafters Society-for COVID sanitation supplies.

Quesnel Technics Gymnastics Club-for COVID sanitation supplies and equipment

Quesnel Lions Club-to support their food for senior’s program and health care requests

Quesnel and District Seniors Centre-to support loss of income due to COVID-19 and to provide sanitation supplies safety equipment for volunteers and guests

Dunrovin Park Lodge-to purchase supplies for their dementia activities kit

Kersley Community Foundation-to support their ongoing programs and events in the wake of COVID-19

Quesnel Team Roping Club-for sanitation supplies and loss of income

Legion-to support loss of income and to provide safety equipment for volunteers and guests

Quesnel Curling Centre-to support loss of income and to provide safety equipment

Quesnel Billy Barker Days Society-to help put safety measures in place and to pay for insurance losses due to COVID-19