A small wildfire near Tatla Lake in the Chilcotin Cariboo Fire Centre is now out.

Fire Information Officer for the Cariboo Fire Centre Jessica Mack explains.

“Yesterday (Tuesday) we did receive reports in the afternoon of a reported fire near Tatla Lake and we responded that afternoon. There were 8 firefighters that attended along with a helicopter and a response officer and due to their quick response the fire is now out as of this (Wednesday) morning”.

Mack said the size of the fire was zero point three hectares and it’s suspected to be lightning-caused.

Mack added that they did have some lightning-caused fires over the long weekend all of which are now out.

When it comes to the Fire Danger Rating currently in the Cariboo Mack said to the West of the Fraser River it is moderate to high and there are some pockets of extreme and East of the Fraser River it’s moderate to low.

Mack reminds the public that Category 2 and 3 open fires remain prohibited and if you see any smoke to call star 555 on your cell phone or 663-5555 to report a fire.