Residents who use the Alexis Creek water system are being asked to limit their water use. 

Currently, the water reserves for the system are critically low. The Cariboo Regional District is asking residents in the area, located 114 kilometres west of Williams Lake, to limit water use wherever possible to maintain quality and supply of water to the community as the system cannot adequately keep up with the current demand and will run out of if water overuse continues. 

“It can impact both the water quality, and if we have a really low supply then there’s that risk that we might not have water available if we had to fight a fire or something in the area,” said Chris Keam, the manager of communications with the Cariboo Regional District. 

He added that with one community well supplying over 70 households in Alexis Creek, resident cooperation is crucial in efforts to conserve water. 

“Just a lot of common-sense things that people probably already know if they have been on a well or on a community supply,” Keam said. “When you flush and when you don’t, turn off your tap when your brushing teeth and those sorts of little things all add up.” 

Keam said that if the residents in the area jump on board, he doesn’t think they will have to limit their use for too long. 

“If people jump on board, then we are probably back to normal pretty quick, or if we get some rain over the weekend the same thing,” he said. “If people continue to use water at this rate and we continue with the dry weather that we are having, then I think we will have an even bigger problem.” 

Alexis Creek residents are also reminded that water restrictions are currently in effect, and lawn sprinkling is limited to 5 am to 11 am and 5 pm to 11 pm daily. 

Failure to abide by these restrictions can result in enforcement action, including turning off the water supply to properties disregarding these limits.