Quesnel City Council has approved the disposal of four fire training trailers and come other equipment at the fire training ground.

Fire Chief Sylvain Gauthier says the trailers, donated by Cariboo Pulp back in 2002-2003, are no longer useful….

“In 2009 the Quesnel Fire Department was able to construct a proper training facility where we could have live fires, and therefore we rendered these old trailers obsolete.   Presently some of the trailers are beyond repair, and mold is also visible in three of the four trailers.   Power and water was turned off a few years ago and these trailers have not been used since then.”

Gauthier says Clearview Demolition, the same company that is doing the demolition of Quesnel Junior School…

“They’ve provided us a cost of 20 thousand dollars which is about nine thousand dollars more than the other three contractors that we looked at, but they are taking into account asbestos removal inside these trailers.   The other contractors have not mentioned asbestos. If there is no asbestos then the cost will be about 95-hundred to 10 thousand dollars.”

Gauthier says the cost will be shared among the other five outlying Cariboo Regional District Fire Departments, and the funding will come from our fire training reserve account.