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Arbitrators UNBC faculty dispute ruling announced

UNBC and it’s faculty now have a contract.

Arbitrator Stan Layton binding’s decision was made public this afternoon following several days of talks last month.

The deal gives faculty a 10% raise over 5 years, falling in between the university’s offer of 5.5% and the faculty’s ask of 12.8%.

Faculty members will also be eligible to receive a “Economic Stability Dividend” along with other public sector employees if BC’s economic growth exceeds Economic Forecast Council forecasts.

“This is a compromise award, as is usual when you go to an arbitrator.” Acting UNBC VP Dan Ryan said “At the end of the day I think it’s provided us with a basis to move forward and continue to build positive constructive relationships with the faculty association.”

Ryan says they are still “digesting the details” of the decision.

Meanwhile, the faculty association says the agreement doesn’t address the one of the disputes digest points of contention.

A statement says the UNBC FA is “deeply disappointed that the arbitrator’s award did not address structural problems with compensation at UNBC”

“UNBC faculty have extremely poor compensation relative to those at other primarily undergraduate universities in Canada, despite UNBC being ranked #1 in this group according to MacLean’s magazine.”

The arbitrator recommended the two sides establish committees to work towards finding a new compensation model and engage in the Labour Board’s mediation program to strengthen the relationship for the next round of bargaining on 2019.

The full decision can be read here.

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