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Following a record-high number of overdoses in a single month in the province, a new app is being launched to help combat the issue.

Prince George has seen 15 overdose deaths so far this year, 2/3rds of which are connected to fentanyl.

The Lifeguard App, available for both Android and iOS devices, looks to provide drug users with a safety net when using alone.

Users active the app before taking their dose, and if they do not respond to the application indicating they are fine within 50 seconds, an alarm is sounded.

After 75 seconds a text-to-voice call will go straight to 9-1-1, telling emergency services there may be a potential overdose.

The Lifeguard App is now apart of the list of essential health and social sector interventions as part of the Overdose Emergency Response Centre’s comprehensive response.

Drug users are encouraged to avoid using alone or to visit supervised consumption or drug overdose prevention sites when possible.

The application is available for free online.