Cariboo/Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett is calling on the Provincial government to hold a public meeting in the title lands in the Chilcotin.

She says residents that have been impacted by the landmark court decision in 2014 deserves answers in person…

“I think the people out there would love to have a public meeting. The people out there would like to see people that have been displaced, put out of business, uncertainty because of the court decision. The governments, who are the responsible bodies, to stand up and pay compensation and help these people out.”

Barnett says the decision was made the federal courts, and it is totally a government responsibility.

She says she has met with the Minister a couple of times in Victoria and had a couple of calls with the negotiator, but Barnett says she hasn’t heard much…

“Basically the answers I get are we are negotiating so I pass whatever information I have along to my constituents which is no answers and I just want that to be clear. I mean the comunciation is not great believe you/me, I could give you my box of letters I’ve written.”

Barnett says people out there feel excluded.