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Paper Excellence Canada has announced the curtailment of operations at its pulp mill in Mackenzie.

It is currently set to happen in the final week of June.

“All employees on the site will be employed until August 9th. That’s simply because we’re curtailing the site, we need to clean it up and put it to bed properly to protect the asset,” said Graham Kissack, Paper Excellence’s Vice President and Communications Officer.

The company first acquired the Mackenzie facility back in 2010.

COVID-19’s effect on the pulp market has been cited as a cause for the curtailment, which will impact 253 employees.

Just over 3,700 people live in the municipality.

“Essentially the economics of the site have been badly undermined, firstly by the global pandemic which has dramatically reduced market pulp prices across the world, and secondly, the ongoing fibre challenges that we’re having in Northern BC,” Kissack continued.

During the curtailment, Paper Excellence will be maintaining a small team of employees who will provide constant security and monitoring.

The organization also plans to continue to supply pulp and paper with production from its other mills in the province, as well as Saskatchewan.