The cooler rainy weather being experienced across the region is proving to be a good thing for the Cariboo Fire Centre.
Fire Information Officer Emily Epp says the current conditions are helping assist a 220-hectare lighting caused wildfire at the South end of Chilko Lake within the Ts’il?os Provincial Park.

“We have set up a remote camera on site to monitor the fire and it sends back pictures 3 times a day and the pictures we’ve seen over the weekend included some snow.”

“The pictures this morning indicated no smoke, so we’re confident that that fire is under control and just burning itself out.”

The fire which is about 125 kilometers southwest of Alexis Creek had been burning at a high elevation in steep, rough, and isolated terrain.

As for the fire ban which remains in effect West of the Fraser River, Epp says the Fire Centre is planning to lift the ban completely this week and that crews responded to human-caused wildfires both 0.01 hectares over the Labour Day long weekend, one located outside of Anahim Lake and the other near Nazko.