Work to develop three new wheelchair accessible wilderness trails in the South Cariboo will be happening soon.

Darron Campbell, Manager of Community Services for the Cariboo Regional District said right now in they’re in start-up meetings and that they hope to have the one at the Mountain Spruce Community Park on Mahood Lake Road built this summer

“The trail location and concepts are just being finalized with designs of exactly where the trail is going to go, how it’s going to get through the landscape. One of the things we’re always conscious of is grades, so where you got hills on the property you have to find a lower grade, slow grade, uphill and things like that so there’s a lot of thinking that goes into the trail design concepts and that’s what’s underway right now”.

Campbell said the Forest Grove and the Valentine Lake recreation site trails will have the designs done this year with full construction next year.

Since 2010 the CRD has built 25 wheelchair accessible wilderness trails across the region so far and Campbell explained the goal of this project.

“We’ve set wheelchair accessibility as our standard but of course they’re available to everyone whether its parents pushing strollers, or small children on bicycles, or elderly folks that may need a walker or some sort of support. The idea is to make the trails available to them so they can enjoy the outdoor spaces the same way that other able body people do”.

Campbell added that the CRD has two years to complete these 3 projects.