Cariboo Chilcotin Liberal MLA Donna Barnett has issued a statement in response to a news story that accused her of posting a COVID-19 conspiracy video, and of making disparaging remarks about Doctor Bonnie Henry on Facebook .

Barnett says she certainly didn’t mean to share misleading information…

“Our caucus has been very, very clear in our support of Doctor Bonnie Henry and her efforts, and we will continue to do so. When it was brought to my attention that the Post was causing confusion I immediately took it down. I certainly apologize for any confusion I may have caused. I always have supported Doctor Henry and will.”

The news article, in PressProgress, says the video featured two California doctors who falsely claimed that doctors are fabricating medical documents to create the impression that COVID-19 is more dangerous than the flu.

The video has been widely promoted by far-right anti-lockdown groups.

Barnett says COVID-19 is obviously real…

“You can look around the world and see the devastation that it has created, and so it is definitely out there. It’s no different than SARS was out there, it’s no different than, when I was a young girl, Tuberculosis was out there and Polio.”