Graduation ceremonies for high school students in 100 Mile House will be a bit different this year, but will still go ahead.

In a letter to parents May 20th, Peter Skene Ogden Secondary School outlined how the grad will proceed amidst COVID 19 concerns.

Geoff Butcher, Principal of PSO says “We had to settle on something that a lot of the districts and schools are doing. Essentially we’re trying to keep the same format of a grad ceremony with handing out diplomas, reading students’ names and bios, giving out scholarship information, but it’s not to a  large group. They’re going to be individualized by each student with their families.”

The grads were fitted for their caps and gowns earlier in the school year, and they will be available. Butcher says the plan is to film the proceedings from start to finish and make the ceremony available to the students. He says the plans are not yet finalized, but the modified ceremonies are planned for June 18th and 19th.