Parents and riders coming to the Boitanio Mountain Bike Park in Williams Lake will notice some changes taking place this spring and summer.

The Williams Lake Cycling Club is constructing a new Pump Track at the front of the park for younger riders to learn and improve their skills.

Director of the Mountain Bike Park, Andrew Hutchinson explains how the idea to build the pump track came about

“I’ve ridden a few of those Pump Tracks in my day and they’re pretty fun to ride cause you actually gain speed by going over the bump. I think it’s really good for your skills and we want to make the Park a more of a family, friendly place”.

Hutchinson said he has children of his own, 7 and 10 years old, and they need a place to start off their riding skills so that they can ride on the bigger trails, so that’s what this Pump Track is really for, the younger generation.

President of the Williams Lake Cycling Club, Shawn Lewis, said the Boitanio Mountain Bike Park gets a revamp every year.

In addition to the Pump Track, Lewis said there were a couple of other projects that they’re also working on.

“Improving the curb appeal right by the skate park, we plan on tuning up the primary jump line where will move some dirt to create an entrance onto the new Pump Track”.

Lewis added, “Pump Tracks are a skill developing tool which we have smaller one already in the Park and we’re trying to make a slightly bigger one, a bit little more advanced one, that all riders will be able to ride”.

Ian James, Director of Community Services, said he’s excited to see how the park will turn out when everything is done and it’s going to be a great improvement for the sport in Williams Lake”.

Construction is expected to continue into the fall of this year and the Bike Park may be closed periodically during this time to ensure the safety of contractors and the public.