Provincial wide open burning prohibitions continue to be in place.

On April 16th the BC Wildfire Service prohibited the use of Resource Management Open Fires, Category 2 and Category 3 Open Fires, and named section 12 activities across the province.

Communications Specialist for the Cariboo Fire Centre, Jessica Mack, explains

“So what that means is any time that you’re burning anything larger than a campfire size, which is zero point five by zero point five meters you are burning in contravention at this time”.

Since the prohibition went into effect on April 16th, Mack said crews have been called out.

“So far we have responded to 22 incidents throughout various regions in the Cariboo Fire Centre and right now we only have one on our board here”.

Mack said these actions were implemented to aid in minimizing human-caused wildfires and to protect the health and safety of BC Wildfire Service staff from the potential of unnecessary risk and exposure to COVID-19.

Cariboo Wild Centre urges the public to follow the current prohibition and keep our first responders and yourself safe.

If you do see smoke to call 1-800-663-5555 or STAR 5555 on your cell phone.