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New problems have emerged on Baker Creek in Quesnel

Danger sign on Baker Creek (

Quesnel’s Emergency Services Coordinator says Baker Creek hasn’t been this high in seven or eight years.

And Sylvain Gauthier says it has led to a couple of other issues as well…

“In the last 24 hours we’ve had two major log jams on Baker Creek right at the bridge and also we’ve had some erosion along the creek. One of the main concerns, the main one, is right beside the Toyota dealership that we have to take action to mitigate the situation right now.”

Gauthier says that work will begin soon…

“We’ve already talked to the province and the fisheries and we’re taking action right now where we’re going to be putting rip rap to reinforce the bank so we’re not getting any more erosion.”

Gauthier says the walking trail along Baker Creek is now closed to the public…

“We’re asking the public to say away from the edge of Baker Creek. A lot of debris is coming down and we’re looking at the safety of our citizens.”

Gauthier says no homes are threatened right now by the high water at Baker Creek.

He says they are hoping that the weather will help to slow the rise of not only Baker Creek, but the Fraser River as well…

“Hopefully right now the weather is going to start to cool down, like we’re going to be in the mid teens instead of the low 20’s, so hopefully that will slow down the melt and bring the water level down, so we’re keeping an eye on it today and see what happens.”

Gauthier says he will be seeing where the Fraser River is at later today and will begin to make daily measurements if it has reached the post that that they have marked off.

He says he wouldn’t be surprised if by tomorrow the City had to close the loop under the railway bridge due to high water, something that happens every year, but possibly a little earlier this year.

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