Veterans are among those that may be feeling the financial crunch due to COVID-19.

However, the Veterans Emergency Fund is one possible solution for those that might be struggling.

Parliamentary Secretary, Darrell Samson, told Vista Radio this is a one-of-a-kind fund that veterans can access.

“So there was no money before and no fund or program out there in the past that would have access to helping the veterans immediate needs and this is a fund that is really been important because the uptake so far has been tremendous.”

Samson adds four million dollars over four years has been invested but more money is available if they need it.

“These funds are made available ASAP to support the veterans themselves so you can contact Veterans Affairs directly or the local Legions and we can access the funds rather quickly to help support them.”

He states the fund covers essential necessities.

“We usually talk about food, rent, mortgage payments, medical care and those are really the urgencies that veterans in your riding or anywhere else across the country may have and when they have that issue, then this fund is available to them.”

Any veterans interested in accessing the money can go through Veterans Affairs Canada or the Royal Canadian Legion.

Additionally, the VAC Assistance Service continues to offer psychological support 24/7 to all Veterans and their families -including those who are not VAC clients.

You can call 1-866-522-2122 to inquire or online through ‘My VAC Account’ secure messaging.