Anyone within the Interior Health authority wanting to workout will have to do so at home.

IH Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Sue Pollock has ordered the immediate closure of all fitness centers, gyms, yoga studios, or similar personal training facilities whether indoors or outdoors.

“People attending fitness centers, gyms, yoga studios, and other similar facilities constitute gatherings of people in close contact which we know promotes the spread of COVID-19,” Pollock said.

“This order allows us to communicate fairly and effectively to all operators of fitness facilities, and this order is not directed at any one specific facility.”

The order expires on May 30 and is subject to revision, cancellation, or extension by Pollock.

Acknowledging that the owners and operators as well as staff of fitness centers provide a valuable service to communities and contribute to people’s mental and physical health and well-being, Pollock encourages fitness centers and gyms to adopt virtual training and support as an alternative to gatherings at facilities.

“We will not speak to cases connected to specific facilities unless we’ve determined that there is a risk to the general public,” she said.