Quesnel RCMP are making some more changes in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sergeant Richard Weseen says office workers will now be staggering their shifts…

“In attempts to socially distance the employees at the police detachment, the officer workers have been re-scheduled to work days and evenings. The changes were positively received by the City of Quesnel and RCMP employees as they adjusted their hours to limit the number of people and human contact at the detachment.”

Weseen says this change is in addition to other changes that were made back on March 19th when fingerprinting for non-essential purposes such as criminal record checks, pardons, citizenship, and volunteers was stopped.

The RCMP also launched an Online Crime Reporting tool a couple of weeks ago to improve service delivery, as well as to allow officers to focus their time on priority calls for service and pro-active policing…

“We are urging citizens to start reporting incidents online for events that do not require police attendance. Online reporting is time efficient for the complainant and officer, and it also eliminates the need of a face to face meeting.”

Weseen says the link and information regarding the Online Crime Reporting Tool can be found on the City of Quesnel website, or bc.rcmp.ca/quesnel/report.

He says although some administrative changes have been made, the public can be assured that the service delivery by the RCMP will not be impacted.