All 11 share sheds operated by the Cariboo Regional District are now closed.

“We’re just really trying to encourage people to stay home and not visit our refuse sites if they don’t have to,” said supervisor of solid waste management, Tera Grady. “And share sheds are definitely not essential services at the moment, and just around the uncertainty with the viability of the coronavirus on hard surfaces.”

Grady adds they are asking residents to hold on to their items that are still good for re-use until they can reopen the share sheds.

She says all of their refuse sites including transfer stations and landfills that are considered an essential service are still open to the public.

“All of our recycling services both curbside and depot access are still accessible, and it is our intention to try to keep that access open as long as the sites are operational,” Grady says. “We aren’t able to remove a lot of contamination from recycling so we’re asking that people really do a good job of sorting the materials at home before they arrive at the site so that it is very quick and easy for them to drop it off and so that our contamination levels stay at a minimum.”