Esk’etemc First Nation South of Williams Lake is taking precautionary measures against the threat of COVID-19 by going into a 2-week lockdown

Chief Fred Robbins said “We’re just following along with the province, provincial and federal regulations around isolation. We’re taking it a step further limiting people from coming into the community and to help with the stop of the spread should it come to our community, limit people’s movement within the community so that we’re getting ahead of the curve rather than trying to get caught up with what’s going on”.

Robbins said “We have a checkpoint on Dog Creek Road for essential services only for our community and added that people who live in and around our area, I did contact Alkali Lake Ranch. They’re aware of our checkpoint and I provided them with passes so that they could get through the checkpoint because they still have cattle out on the range and horses. The majority of local landowners get a free-range as long as they go straight to their home, the community is shutoff off from all access unless it’s a medical emergency or essential needs to the community”.

Robbins asked community members that they stay home and if they need to speak to a family member to do that over the phone and if they have wi fi they can video chat.

He also explained the reason why they’re doing this lock down the way they are.

“As First Nation’s People we are very close communities, large families and our family gatherings are more than 10, 12 people, so we’re hoping to put a stop to that and control what we need to control to help stop the COVID virus”.

Even though it’s just the second day of the two-week lockdown Robbins said the spirits of the residents seem to be pretty good right now as they’re having drumming throughout the community with people walking out onto their front porch with their drum and singing songs every night at 7 o’clock.