As the Canadian Blood Services is urging individuals to donate blood as donations hit critically low levels, people in Williams Lake are left wondering how they can go about doing so.

David Patterson, Director of Donor Relations for BC and the Yukon with Canadian Blood Services, shares why no blood donor clinics are offered in the Lake City.

“There is a limit to the amount of time that we can take in a getting a unit transfer back to the lab where it can be processed. Unfortunately, there are a number of communities such as Williams Lake and even in the Kootenays where we’re just unable to run clinics. So what we try to do is focus on the areas where we can get that blood back safely to our labs in the required amount of time.”

Patterson says those not able to access the nearest clinics which are in Prince George or Kamloops, can still help the Canadian Blood Services through the One Match Program which works to recruit stem cell donors.

“It’s a swabbing program for stem cells, where if you register online through our website, we’ll send you a kit in the mail and give you instructions on how you can really just swab your cheeks at home and mail it back into us. When all is successful, you’ll be placed on a national registry where you may be given the opportunity to save somebody’s life in Canada or even around the world.”

More information on the Canadian Blood Services’ One Match Program can be found online at One Match.

The Canadian Blood Services says the amount of blood available for patients across the country is at it’s lowest since 2008.