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What to and what not to flush

With the paper product shortage being felt province-wide, there are certain products that shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet.

Patrick Mahood, Manager for Public Works for the City of Williams Lake, said toilet paper is designed to break down in the wastewater stream where wipes and paper towels aren’t.

“It can also lead to plugs, so what it does is it leads to further maintenance issues either in the sewer mains, your line leaving your house, it can cause a blockage, or down at our wastewater plant it can cause an issue as well”.

Even though there are products that say they are flushable, Mahood said people should refrain from doing that.

“If they avoid that and they just stick straightly to toilet paper it’s going to cut down on maintenance issues for either the consumers end of things or the City’s end of things for certain”.

Matt Thomas, the Director of Public Works Operations with the city of Quesnel, said they haven’t had any issues with Quesnel’s system.
Thomas said they do ask, however, that people refrain from flushing things other than toilet paper down the toilet as well.
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