Rural BC will have another voice.

Cariboo Chilcotin, MLA Donna Barnett says she will be the Chair of the province’s new Rural Advisory Council.

Barnett shares with us what the Rural Advisory Council, which came out of a strategic document she worked on with the Pine Beetle Coalition, is about.

“Make sure a rural lens is put on policies when they’re put forward. We keep saying one size fits all when it doesn’t. We keep saying that most of the resources of this province come from rural British Columbia, yet most of the input comes from urban centers.”

Barnett adds although, looking after the tailings pond breach at Mount Polley will not be one of the Council’s main focus, the issue of what mining is and mining safety will be.

“None of us want devastation and disasters. We are doing everything we can to ensure that why this happened becomes out to the public; we have more people doing studies, more people looking at water, and fish etc. We now have to move forward and show that British Columbia is open for business and that our environment is clean.”

Barnett says the Rural Advisory Council will also focus on moving forward on the Rural Dividend.

The full members taking part in the Rural Advisory Council will be determined before the end of the year and meet a minimum of 4 times a year.