It’s all hands on deck tonight (Thursday) for the Chase Heat who trail the 100 Mile House Wranglers 3-1 in their best of 7 play-off series.

Wrangler Coach Dale Hladun said he expects Chase to give his team everything they have.

“That’s a good club. Brad Fox, he’s a good friend of mine and he has those kids prepared so we’re gonna see a whole other level of Chase Heat hockey. As much as we are up 3 to 1 it’s not over”.

Hladun said he’s getting contributions from all four of his lines, even if they’re not goal scorers they block shots, hustle back and finish hits.

Hladun added that the dressing is pretty tight and that the team on their own have broken down game film, had meetings, done extra workouts, and that’s the sign of a club that wants to win.

Game 6 if necessary will be played tomorrow (Friday) night at 7 at the South Cariboo Rec Centre.