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Bikers Against Child Abuse to provide an overview of services to City Council

Bikers with leather vests showing their mandate to empower children not to be afraid in the world in which they live will be taking part in a delegation at Williams Lake City Hall on Tuesday.

Hooligan, who cannot use his real name, says he has been with Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A) for one year and had joined the chapter in Quesnel.

He says the work is highly rewarding.

“I’ve seen in children that we’ve helped, kids who couldn’t make eye contact, stared at the ground, didn’t want to talk to anybody-I’ve actually seen them get up in a courtroom and face their abuser and say everything they needed to say and look them in the face totally fearless.”

“It’s an amazing thing to see the confidence change in these children.”

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Hooligan says they’re looking other to join, including volunteers.

“We do need people to support us-we need supporters. The people to haul the merchandise, to help out with moving tables or whatever we happen to need. We do need people to help out with more than just the bikes and it’s all appreciated.”

“We never look down upon anyone who checks it out.”

Children who are adopted into the B.A.C.A family receives two primary contacts who are available 24/7.

Vice President Ulfric says although himself he was concerned about the time commitment when joining, things had worked out.

“I pretty well work 24 hours a day, so if I can do it I’m sure somebody else can do it.”

“I’m new to this so I haven’t seen the outcome in the end other than a little while ago a large group of us showed up at one of the children’s home and the smile on their face was incredible. It was well worth it.”

Tuesday’s regular City Council meeting starts at 6 pm.

The Chapter which, which is currently comprised of 5 members, had held an open public meeting last week and said they are anticipating to hold open meetings monthly and schedule some rides for the public to check out.

They will be participating in a child abuse awareness ride in Chilliwack on Sunday.

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