100 Mile RCMP say there may be more than what meets the eye when acquaintances appear at your door offering assistance.

Staff Sgt. Sven Neilsen says police received a report of theft from a residence in the 105 Mile area this past Tuesday morning.

The 72-year-old victim reported that on the previous day he had been approached at his residence by a younger female known to him, who was allegedly returning some items he may have lost earlier that day,” Neilsen said. “The victim had not lost any items, but let the person into his residence anyway.”

Another unknown female had also attended the residence during this time and was let into the residence by the victim.

“After some time, the second suspect female left the location (after entering and exiting the house several times) while the first female remained close to the victim,” Neilsen said. “The first suspect female then also left the residence suddenly without reason.”

The victim who later noted that his wallet was missing discovered that over $1,400 had been taken from his bank and credit card accounts.

“Please use caution when acquaintances appear at your door looking to suddenly help or assist you in an unusual way, as there may be more to it than meets the eye,” Neilsen said. “Reach out to family, a trusted neighbour or friend who can verify with you what the intent of the person may or may not be to ensure your safety and well being.”