There wasn’t as much activity at the Quesnel Regional Airport in 2019.

Airport Manager John Pucek says they had 14,706 passengers in 2019, which was down about 11-hundred from the previous year…

“The main reason for that is our regional economy, it’s impacting our passenger activity like most other small airports. But we’re optimistic heading into 2020 that this pilot shortage will improve and we’ll hopefully resume our third flight.”

Pucek says activity overall was also down…

“Our traffic, or our movements, were about 20 percent from 2018, and that’s mainly due to the lack of fires in the area. August, for example, we were 67 percent less traffic just because there were no helicopters flying.”

Pucek says Medevac flights were about the same, 115, compared to 120 in 2018.

In terms of capital projects in 2019, Pucek says they widened their sidewalks to make them safer, redid the lobby to make it more contemporary and modern and purchased a new sander for their new Freightliner truck.