Sales were up slightly in Quesnel and down in both 100 Mile House and Williams Lake this past year.

That according to the numbers released by the BC Northern Real Estate Board.

351 properties changed hands in 2019 in Quesnel, up from 349 in 2018.

The value of those sales was also up, from 78 million to 83.

In 100 Mile House, 447 properties were sold this year, down from 538.

David Jurek is a Board Member from 100 Mile…

“I think sales were down a little bit at the beginning of the year because of the market slowing down slightly on the Lower Mainland, obviously where the majority of our buyers come from, and then the second half of the year with the announcements of the mill closures, that obviously didn’t help a lot either.”

The number of sales in Williams Lake was also down, from 495 in 2018 to 472 last year.

The value of sales was still up however in both 100 Mile and the Lake City.

Jurek says he feels that number can be misleading…

“Absolutely, when you take a look at the average house price it makes it look our prices took a big jump despite everything that’s going on, that’s not the case. Here and in Williams Lake we think the prices probably stayed about the same from year to year, but in an area where you’re not doing thousands of sales every year you sell a few high priced properties and it definitely skews the numbers.”

Looking ahead to 2020, Jurek says he isn’t anticipating anything too drastic either way.