GR Baker Hospital in Quesnel has a brand new piece of equipment thanks to a generous donation.
It’s called a gram stain analyzer that will help in the lab.
Brigitte Nowakowski is the Chief Technologist at GR Baker…
“Instead of having to have a timer, put different stains onto a slide, and manually put it through all of its little paces, you can actually just take the slide, plop it onto this new instrument. It will take it automatically through all the steps and you will end up with a beautiful slide that you can look at under the microscope.”
Nowakowski says they used to have to manually stain the slides for cultures that physicians collected.
She says not only will it save time for staff but the end result is also a more consistent stain.
Nowakowski says the cost of the new equipment is just over 10 thousand dollars, which was donated by Karam and Joginder Bhatti.