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Progress made in UNBC Faculty Strike

Contract negotiations between UNBC and its Faculty Association should be a lot smoother after both sides agreed to the recommendations made by Special Mediator Trevor Sones.

Faculty Association President Stephen Rader says with both sides agreeing to the final report, job action is no longer required.

“The job action now ceases immediately and all of our members return to their full range of duties, we’ve sort of been on a limited job action the past few weeks and everything as far as our members and students are concerned will return to normal.”

Rader also explained how the final offer selection arbitration will be approached.

“So basically, the two compensation proposals, one from us and the other from the employer will be presented to the arbitrator along with arguments from each side in favour of their proposal and then the arbitrator will have to choose one of them.”

“Unlike a normal interest arbitration where the arbitrator can pick a compromise position, in this case, the arbitrator has to pick one of the two proposals on the table.”

UNBC President, Daniel Weeks adds the urgency to get a deal done has been ramped up.

“That process will take a little bit of time I think as I believe there is a due date to get this wrapped up but there will have to be some paperwork that will have to go between the parties.”

“Quite frankly, I’m quite happy no matter what way this goes as this was the outcome that I wanted all and I hope we get the best compensation model for a faculty.”

The parties now must agree to a third-party arbitrator by January 3rd.

The hearing process is to start by February 1st unless the parties mutually agree to extend that deadline.

46 Quesnel students have been impacted by the labour dispute.

The strike began back on November 7th.

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