Service Electric stands alone atop Quesnel’s Super League of Curling.

Dave Plant skipped his team to first place last night with a convincing 10-4 win over Brady Waffle and the BIlly Barker Casino.

Service Electric improves to 4 and 1 while the Billy falls to 3 and 2 and into a tie for second with two other rinks.

Ski-Hi Scaffolding, led by Blair Hedden, knocked off Quesnel Lawn Care 8-4.

Other action last night saw Century 21 and Ray Blackmore top Redz Shedz 7-3 and the Child Development Centre rink defeated Brenda Ernst, also 7-3.


Service Eelectric 4-1
Billy Barker Casino 3-2
Ski-Hi Scaffolding 3-2
Century 21 3-2
CDC 2-3
Redz Shedz 2-3
Brenda Ernst 2-3
Quesnel Lawn Care 1-4